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The classic climbing rope is an all-purpose tool capable of building overall strength and endurance in minimal time. Rope climbs are popular in CrossFit and Obstacle Course Racing. For athletes, the combination of increased grip and muscle strength, balance, and muscular endurance make for a true test of overall fitness. Replace your traditional end-of-workout cardio, with these muscle-building moves to bring your fitness to new heights.

Main components of rope climbing;

• Pulling your body up – your lats and biceps must be strong for this. As your hands are close together, this is a more bicep-heavy movement than a conventional pull up, but is also very reliant on having strong lats too.

• Holding on – if you let go then you’re not going to get far! Your grip needs to be strong to hold you still whilst you move your legs, and to grab onto the rope when you move your hands up.



Mini Climbing Ropes are designed to increase your rope climbing strength and add a new, fun way of training in your home, park or gym.
They are excellent for farmer’s walks, pull-ups, static holds or hanging them in a row for monkey swinging. You can hang them on bars or add weight via Kettlebells, weight plates or resistance bands.
Doing pull-ups by griping the ropes puts your shoulders in a different position than a pull-up bar because the ropes are hanging down.
The ropes are hard to hold, that’s how you improve your grip. As shown in the picture, you can tie a knot in the ropes to make them easier to hold.
Dimensions – The Ropes are 1m long straight, roughly 74cm with a knot, the diameter 38mm

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