GMB stands for Gold Medal Bodies. Here's how it came about: What's the difference between a champion athlete and an actor who spends eight weeks training to look like a superhero onscreen? It's certainly not easy, but building a physique that lends the appearance of high-performance is pretty simple when compared to the decades of dedicated work it takes to rise to the top in a competitive sport or athletic event. When we founded GMB in 2010, we were fascinated with the idea of skillful movement and the kinds of training that developed it.
Ein Athletic Dojo Kurs zu benutzen ist einfach! Registriere dich und wähle einen Kurs. Nach der Bezahlung kannst du dir die Kursinhalte ansehen. Wir haben die Programme so erstellt, dass sie als Online Stream direkt in jedem Browser verfügbar sind. Logge dich in deinen Athletic Dojo Account ein und klicke auf dein Profil. Wähle dann unter gekaufte Kurse oder eingeschriebene Kurse den Kurs aus mit dem du beginnen möchtest. Klicke dann bei Kursinhalt auf die Trainingsphase oder Woche und folge den Anweisungen für die Einheit des jeweiligen Tages. Jedes Programm ist ein bisschen unterschiedlich, aber generell sind die folgenden Komponenten in jedem Programm enthalten: Eine detaillierte Einführung, wie man die Seite benutzt, wie der Kurs funktioniert, was dich erwartet und was du dafür zusätzlich brauchst. Aufwärm und Cool Down Anleitungen, Trainingsvideos und Übungstutorails (im mp4 Format) Trainingstagebuch zum ausdrucken für jede Woche (im PDF Format) und weitere Extras 🙂
Ja! Wenn du irgendwo nicht mehr weiterkommst, musst du dich nur bei uns melden und wir helfen dir weiter. Wir sind hier um dir zu helfen. Wir verstehen, dass es schwierig ist Online Training Anbietern zu vertrauen - insbesondere wenn du uns noch nicht kennst. Also wollen wir dich wissen lassen, dass wir an deiner Seite sind. Starte ein Athletic Dojo Programm und versuche wirklich 30 Tage durchzuziehen. Trainiere hart, stelle Fragen wenn du Hilfe brauchst oder nicht weiterkommst. Dann entscheide selbst ob du mit den Ergebnissen zufrieden bist. Wenn du dann immer noch nicht zufrieden bist, wollen wir dein Geld nicht (und erstatten dir den vollen Kaufpreis zurück.
Der Zeitaufwand für eine Athletic Dojo Einheit varriert je nachdem welches Programm du wählst. Generell empfehlen wir 45-60 Minuten für jede Einheit einzuplanen. Am Anfang wirst du länger It'll take you longer to work through each session in the beginning (since you'll be learning the movements, making adjustments to your form, and correcting yourself to the videos), but once you get familiar with the movements and learn what to focus on, you'll be able to work through each session faster.
Want to improve your flexibility quickly? We created this article specifically for you. It'll show you how to decide what your flexibility needs are, identify what's holding you back, and get quick results safely. It's a good example of our approach to stretching and flexibility. We also have several flexibility tutorials targeting specific areas of the body, like the spine, hips, or shoulders. You can find those tutorials here. If you're experiencing plateaus with your flexibility training, then have a read of this. Flexibility is something that takes time, consistency and patience. It's very common for people to experience frustration with improving flexibility, however you can improve. This article has some great advice about how to get past your plateaus. And if you need more in-depth guidance, including a series of targeted stretches for specific goals, we recommend checking out our Focused Flexibility program. It's a completely customizable program for assessing and improving your effective range of motion for greater ease and freedom of movement.
Training on any of our programs will support some fat loss, but 80% of fat loss is diet. Thus, we recommend making some dietary adjustments, which you can read more about in our guidebook: A (not THE) Foolproof Guide to Nutrition Our buddy Nate Miyaki also has a great book on fat loss: Feast Your Fat Away In addition to working on a training program, the best thing you can do for fat loss is to increase your overall activity level throughout the day, every day: More walking, more running, add in quick movement sessions throughout the workday, walk instead of drive, climbing, dancing, jumping rope, kayaking, etc. Creating a lifestyle of more movement will help you not only lose the fat but keep it off, too. Two things to note: If you feel like you are having trouble achieving your fat loss goals, despite "doing everything right," you may want to consult with your local doctor and review your bloodwork, as it could be an indication of a thyroid or hormonal issue. If you're interested in getting specific with your fat loss goals, give us a holler! While we don't do much in the way of nutrition programming, we've worked with some qualified people who have, and we'd be happy to pass their information on.
We aren't nutritionists so we don't generally give people this sort of advice. Check out this article, which explains our approach to diet and nutrition. It's got some helpful insights into good ways to eat. Mainly, just keep it simple, make sure you eat good quality food, and listen to your body.
What's more fun that crawling around on the floor acting like bears, monkeys, and frogs? Kids love Elements because of its animal movements and its unstructured training style. It feels more like play than training. And they gain skills and understandings that will last them a lifetime.

Wichtig ist nicht, besser zu sein als alle anderen. Wichtig ist, besser zu sein als du gestern warst!

Jigoro Kano, Founder of Judo